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The noobie will speak!

2007-07-20 05:16:15 by Yronsparx

So, here I am at the most misplaced spot on the net I can think of.
I'm not working in flash, neither am I a musician. My main territory is far.
Since there are a lot of great artists on NG, I decided to join too and hopefully I'll soon be able to post some collab art with other people (who actually belong here).

Until then: Keep a look-out for me at art contests and Photoshop-related forum posts. :3


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2007-07-20 07:01:03

I'm keeping a look-out! :)

Yronsparx responds:

You better do. It's most likely us doing a collab after all. :3


2007-07-22 09:37:06

If youre good at art is that way. ->
<- or is that way if you suck.

Yronsparx responds:

I'm already in there. :3
I'm mainly on NG to vote for my fav artists.


2008-05-05 13:19:52

Hey noob sandwich.

Yronsparx responds:

Hey Oddler Toddler,
Didnt see you there for a while. :3